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3 disadvantages of New Balance Furon football shoes


Dear brothers, the surface of the sneakers has no other marks except for the normal folds. The strength of the sneakers can be seen in general. The disadvantage is that, through actual combat, there is no even a slight deformation in the sneakers, indicating that the possibility of supporting the future is very small. Before the brothers buy, it is best to be cautious and cautious. Instead, buy a pair of socks and find them together. Don’t hold the illusion to open the shoes. Let me talk about the scotch tape paper that I used to smash the hair yesterday, that is, the hot melt film at the arch of the foot. The whole body has various pairs of feet and sliding shovel. This thin layer of hot melt film has withstood the test.

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Finally, talk about the nails that everyone cares about. Under normal circumstances, all kinds of studs can meet the requirements. And start, emergency stop, turn to the right hand, followed by the seemingly weak two spikes, gave me the greatest support, think about SF4, because the grip is too strong, once sprained the foot, this outsole The ground force is not too big, just right.

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I would like to talk about the insole of these shoes. I have a sputum inflammation. I have to hurt for two or three days after each kick. Only Morella 2 can relieve the pain. The surprise is that the shoes also do the same. It is worthy of being a brand of professional jogging shoes.

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Finally, according to personal feelings, the upper is harder than other brands, some brothers will kick the feet, grinding feet, but at the same time bring the power of the foot, the protection is also strong and people can not give up. The role of the hot melt film is quite obvious, a test of one can not explain his durability, and finally praise the NB insole, easy to use! ! !

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